What is Front-end Loading?

Front end loading refers to the development work performed on a project prior to the execution or implementation phase. The following activities are usually performed during these phases : Scoping Studies; Option Studies: Prefeasibility; Feasibility; Basic Engineering; Front End Engineering Design. SAIYL’s team of experts are highly experienced performing these studies and are able to perform or independently review and make recommendations to improve the technical and economic benefit of the project.

What do we do?

SAIYL will maximize NET VALUE to the client during the conceptualization and early development phase of the Owner’s project. This will be achieved by adding expert technical skills, project skills and commercial know how. Although the business and project objectives will be set in conjunction with the Client, SAIYL will align these with an optimal technical solution, customized project execution methodology and clarification and quantification of anticipated risks along with mitigating actions. Expectations are managed by clear roadmaps, project framing as well as team selection and stakeholder alignment to ensure the successful start and execution during the Front End Loading of the project. By this process we are able to avoid costly scope changes and wasted expensive man-hours on rework, often the major cause of schedule slippage and cost overruns.

Project Strategy & Business Case

  • Project Objectives
  • Project Risk
  • Project Drivers

Contract Strategy

  • Fitting with the Building blocks
  • Optimizing the Business Case & Project Objectives
  • Balance Risk

Contractor Selection

  • Availability in the market – research and evaluation criteria (from desktop evaluation to in depth depending on the risk)
    • Rates
    • Experience
    • Culture fit
    • People fit
    • Financial situation
    • Risk appetite Optimizing Commercial Approach

Project Strategy & Business Case

  • Project Objectives
  • Project Risk
  • Project Drivers
  • Plan, Execute and Facilitate Project Framing , Kickoff and Alignment sessions
  • Project team alignment through team building and team communication sessions.
  • We guarantee an objective technology evaluation process to our Clients – we have no relationship/agreements with any technology suppliers.
  • Our technology evaluation process is an interactive process with the client ensuring that available technology/technology suppliers are evaluated to best fit the Clients needs.