The Division has full capability to support companies in executing their capital projects. We complete Owners Teams as well as individual support in individual functions. These are in areas such as Project Management; Engineering Management; Procurement; Construction Management; Logistics; Estimating; Scheduling; Cost Control; Contract Management; Quality Control & Safety.

It is important to recognize that the backgrounds, perceptions, communication, agendas and interrelationships of people will have a positive or negative effect on the inputs as well as the outputs of the world’s best project management tools and techniques. Projects are not repetitive, stable, or linear. They are unique, driven by potentially unstable requirements; technology, market forces, and contain many non–linear activities. SAIYL understands the variables in the execution of projects and do not provide a “one size fits all” solution to execute projects. A customized approach is implemented to suit the project rather than the well-known linear and fixed boxed methodologies that often ended in disappointing financial, schedule and operability results for the client, and inevitably, increased revenue to the contractor.


  • Stage Gate Evaluation,
  • Risk Identification, Mitigation and Implementation,
  • Estimate evaluation (Monte Carlo Simulation / @Risk),
  • Schedule evaluation (Monte Carlo Simulation / @Risk),
  • Rescue Planning & Implementation of plans of projects that have gone “off the rails”,
  • Assess history of the ongoing projects:
    • Re-evaluate Business Case and Project Objectives and update execution planning,
    • Evaluate change trends and implement contract, project or design mitigation actions,
    • Evaluate project team morale, key personality clashes and communication stumbling blocks. Recommend and improve,
    • Objective evaluation of schedule trends and probability analysis of completion dates and project budget,
  • Revive safety initiatives, implementation of new ones,
  • Optimise Project Resource structure instead of adding layers of control requiring additional layers of resources and cost,
  • Construction status, evaluation of construction sequence, recommendations, implementation of recommended improvements,
  • Engineering status, evaluation of engineering quality, progress and forecasts, recommendations, implementation of recommended improvements.

  • With our web base project software the client has access any time to view project progress, risk & health status, cost of their project/portfolio of projects,
  • Our expertise include the following :
    • Project Front End Loading,
    • Project Framing, Kick-off and Alignment,
    • Assessing & Improving project delivery of ongoing projects,
    • Closing Out of Projects,
    • Project Management, Planning, Cost and Quality Control,
    • Commercial and Purchasing management,
    • Risk Management & Facilitation,
    • Engineering Design progress verification.

  • Lessons Learnt,
  • Compiling/Finalizing Assets registers and maintenance strategies,
  • Driving and Implementing Contract and Procurement closeouts including managing the closeout of performance bonds, guarantees and retention monies.