Storage tanks are used worldwide in the petrochemical industry. Choosing the right tank material compatible with the fluid being stored is critical in extending the service life of these tanks.

Here are 5 ways of extending the service life of your tanks.

  1. Corrosion rates vary between different Material of Construction (MOC) and Fluid combinations and choosing the correct MOC will help to extend the service life of your tank.
  2. MOC and fluid compatibility is not the only factor to take into account when looking at corrosion rates. The compatibility of the MOC and the direct environment and chemicals it contains plays a big part in the decision-making process.
  3. Degradation of tanks due to UV must be considered as some nonmetallic tanks are not UV resistant and requires a UV resistant layer to be added to the external surface of the tank.
  4. The cost of tanks of same dimensions and structural rigidity can vary significantly as a result of the chosen MOC. The MOC based on its corrosion resistance might be more expensive but an alternative option may be to use a more cost-effective tank (not resistant to the fluid being stored) with an internal corrosion barrier compatible with the fluid being stored.
  5. Regular Inspections is the key in maintaining and ensuring your tanks are kept in service and safe for use. Early detection of tank failure saves lives and decrease downtime.

~ Jaco van Staden.